Hoppe Door Locks – Roseville CA

Hoppe Three Point LockOne of the best three point locking mechanisms out there, beside Anderson door locks, Hoppe offers a multi-point lock at a fairly reasonable price.  Just like Anderson door locks Hoppe lock Mechanisms do once in a while break in such a way that the spring no longer return the handle to the upright position or even in some case so that the door cannot even be locked. The remedy to this is to have a locksmith come out and replace, typically, just the mortice lock body and the bottom section of the mechanism. A do it yourself type can try to replace this mechanism on their own but there are a few things that can make it difficult. For one the profile euro style cylinder that the Hoppe lock Mechanism uses to lock the door needs to be removed in order to swap out the hardware. Sometimes this cylinder can be difficult do get in the right position to remove from the door. In addition, the new bottom half of the mechanism needs to be properly connected to the top portion in order for the lock to function properly. Furthermore, often when these locks fail it is because one of the strike plates is not lining up correctly, a well trained technician will have the knowledge to identify when this is the case, and will be able to make the appropriate adjustments. Therefore, although it is possible to do-it yourself it may behoove you to call a professional for this lock style.

If you are located in Placer county we at NorCal Locksmith would be happy to help you resolve any issues you may be having with you Hoppe Multi Point Lock Mechanism.

Anderson Door Lock Repair – Roseville CA

Anderson Door LocksWorking as locksmiths in Roseville CA and the surrounding  areas such as Lincoln Ca we at NorCal Locksmith come across Anderson Windows and Doors frequently.  Anderson Windows and Doors is a great company that makes a solid product.  Their three point locking system is second to none.  In fact, they are so confident in their product line that they offer a ten year warranty on their door locks.  This is a good thing, since from time to time they do break.

The most common issue that we have seen occur on Anderson Door Locks in Lincoln California is a broken lever return spring.  You will know that this is your issue when the interior handle does not return all the way up to the horizontal position on its own. It is important to resolve this issue;  if you don’t latch will remain retracted and the door will not remain shut unless you lock it.  Since the return spring is inside of the door lock mechanism the only solution for a broken return spring or a sagging handle is to have a qualified locksmith replace the door lock mechanism.  Now if your door is under ten years of age then Anderson Window and Door will supply the parts to a licensed locksmith at no additional cost.

If you live in the greater Sacramento area and are having issues with your Anderson Glass and Door Locks please give us a call.

Locksmith Antelope CA – NorCal Locksmith is Now Offering Locksmithing Service in Antelope California

We at NorCal Locksmith to announce the expansion of our locksmithing service area to incorporate Locksmith Antelope CA. Our Locksmithing services include:

Residential:  Rekeys, Door Hardening, Fresh Lock Installation, Single sided Deadbolt Installation, Peephole installation, Cam Lock Installation and much more.

Commercial: Rekeys, Masterkey Systems, Door Hardware installation and replacement, Door Closers, Emergency Exit Devices, and Access Control.

Safes: Sales, Service, Opening and Repairing, Securing to the Floor, and Safe Restoration.

So whether you are locked out of your home or auto or need your office building rekeyed in Antelope California one of our quality locksmith service technicians can get your security related issues resolved in a prompt and timely fashion.

We are proud to serve the Antelope community and will always strive to provide top notch customer service. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call us at 916-632-3400.

Locksmith Granite Bay CA – NorCal Locksmith is Your Local Locksmith

Locksmith Granite Bay CANorCal Locksmith is proud to be considered the local Locksmith Granite Bay CA.  With offer a wide array of locksmithing services to the the residents and business located in Granite Bay.

For example, maybe you have lost your keys to your home and need it rekeyed.  Our highly trained locksmith technicians can get all of the locks on you home rekeyed and  usually within an hour.

Or perhaps you own a business and are facing the unfortunate situation of having to let someone go.  We can come out and rekey your business so that you can rest assured that your previous employee or employees can come back and get it after hours.

We at NorCal Locksmith also offer a wide range of Safe related locksmithing services. Our  skilled safe technicians sell, service, and open all varieties of safes and vaults in Granite Bay California.

So what ever your locksmithing need may be we at NorCal Locksmith are happy and honored to be your local Locksmith in Granite Bay California.

Roseville Locksmith – The Importance Of Reseting Your Garage Door Opener Before You Move In.

Reseting Garage Door Opener CodeMany people already know that before one moves into a new home it is important to have all of the locks rekeyed.  Unfortunately, one thing that is often over looked is the garage door opener. Since there is no way to know for sure how many garage door openers are out there it is a good idea to reset the garage door openers code. This is a service that NorCal Locksmiths Locksmith Roseville CA and our Locksmith Rocklin CA offers our residential customers. When we come out to rekey your locks ask us to also reset your garage door opener.

This is typically an easy procedure which usually requires little more than clearing all of the remotes out of the system and then adding them back one by one. So if the previous home owner gave you one remote but you are not sure whether or not any other remotes are out there; by  having the opener reset you can rest assured that the only clicker that will open the garage door is the one in you possession.

Don’t run the risk of coming home to an empty garage have one of our locksmiths reset your garage door today.

Locksmith in Roseville California Warns Against $19 Locksmith Service Scams

Beware of Locksmith ScamsTake it from me a Local Locksmith in Roseville California When it comes to locksmiths the guy with the lowest advertised price isn’t always the best deal. In fact, more often the not with these “$19 Locksmith Services” you usually get a whole lot more than you were looking for.

When you call one of these numbers that are advertising such low rates you are connected to a call center or a dispatcher who is most likely located in a totally different state. The dispatcher then tries to locate a “locksmith”, oftentimes a illegitimate one  who is likely unlicensed and uninsured, who can perform the required work for them. In return the “locksmith” is charged the $19 dollars as a referral or lead fee.  At this point the technician is already in the hole $19 dollars, therefore once he shows up to do the work he needs to charge you $19 plus what ever trip fee and labor fees he can in order to make the job profitable.

What usually happens is the locksmith will show up for lets say a simple lock rekey and then he will give you a song and dance about how the lock can’t be rekeyed and how it needs to be replaced (All of this is untrue by the way, the vast majority of locks can be rekeyed with very few complications). He then will try to charge you $50 or more for a knock of brand that may of cost him $5. Thus, once the technician is  done with his work he will hand you a bill that is two to three times the amount that a legitimate locksmith would have charged you for the same work.

The moral of the story is do your self a favor and avoid calling the guys who are advertising a low ball rate, since they are typically a bait a switch operation who are out to take you for a ride.

Roseville Locksmith – How To Install A Deadbolt from Scratch

Working as a Roseville Locksmith I have noticed that many homes built prior to 1990, and some even after that, don’t have a deadbolt lock on the exterior garage door. This means the only thing guarding your most vulnerable entry point is a spring latch that can in most cases be bypassed through the simple use of a credit card.

Not having deadbolt securing your exterior garage door represents a serious residential security risk; once inside of the garage the would be burglars have all the time and usually tools necessary to break down the interior garage door and thus gain access to the rest of your home.

Many home owners may not realize how vulnerable they are or perhaps they  just might not want to pay the money to have a deadbolt installed by a professional locksmith. In either case installing a deadbolt lock into your exterior garage door is probably the most cost effective way of increasing your residential security.

If money is an issue, as these days it often times is, you can perform the installation yourself. To assist in this task we at NorCal Locksmith have put together an instructional video that walks you step by step through the fresh installation of a deadbolt door lock. How To Install a Deadbolt Lock : Fresh Installation


Locksmith in Roseville California – How to Protect Your Windows From Being Shattered

Your home is truly only as secure as its weakest link. As a Locksmith in Roseville California I see alot of break ins and believe me, you can spend all the money you want on high security locks and door hardware, but in the end if there are windows at ground level then your home is not fully secured. One way to prevent burglars from smashing out a window and walking right into your home is to have a window coating such as ShatterGards window film.  Go to there website and check out their product line, they have a demonstration on how this film helps protect your glass.

In short, ShatterGard is installed in a similar fashion to window tint.  Once applied to the glass it makes the whole window highly resistant to break ins;  being that once the glass has been shattered the film holds the pieces together thus preventing entry.

ShatterGard is just another layer of home security that helps protect your home from burglaries and invasions. Ask your local locksmith about this security upgrade and find out if it is right for you.

Citrus Heights Locksmith Service Now Available

We at NorCal Locksmith are proud to extend our territory of service to Citrus Heights. If you live in or your business is located in Citrus Heights California then please visit our Citrus Heights Locksmith page to contact a local locksmith near you.

As is the case with all of NorCal Locksmiths Technicians you will find that our Citrus Heights locksmiths are fully trained and equipped to deal with all of your residential and commercial related locksmithing issues.

When you call one of techs out to site we guarantee that they will show up in a clearly marked company van and will be dressed in a company shirt.  Furthermore, all of our techs carry a current locksmithing license and will be happy to present this to you upon request.

Our Locksmiths in Citrus Heights often work with people that have been burglarized or are concerned about being broken into. Do to this fact we must keep up on all of the latest industry advancements in security, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Whether you need your home picked open, your locks rekeyed, or your hardware repaired or replaced NorCal Locksmith is here to assist you with all of your security related concerns.

Roseville Locksmith – Do Away With All Those Keys On Your Ring By Replacing Your Padlock With One That Can Be Keyed to Your Front Door Key.

Rekeyable PadlockMost people have key rings that would function equally as well as a 10 pound fishing lure. These heavy key rings can be very cumbersome and extremely uncomfortable especially for a man who might carry them in his pocket. Believe it or not these rings can also be your ignition cylinders worse enemy. The problem is the weight of the keys  suspended from the ring can actually cause your ignition cylinder to wear out prematurely.

As a Roseville Locksmith one of the things that we try to do is reduce the number of keys that our customers have on their rings and in their possession. One simple way to do this is to get rid of that old master lock padlock  and replace it with a padlock such as the Abus 83/45 rekeyable one.  Abus is just one company that makes these locks you can find similar ones made by Schlage, Almont and Master Lock. These padlocks can be keyed to a Kwikset, Yale, or Schlage key. The advantage to this is that these keys happen to be the most common residential keys on the west coast. In other words you can have the padlock that is on your gate open with the key that is used for your front door to your house. Thus you can have one key that works all of the locks on your property. Talk about convenience.