Anderson Door Lock Repair – Roseville CA

Anderson Door LocksWorking as locksmiths in Roseville CA and the surrounding  areas such as Lincoln Ca we at NorCal Locksmith come across Anderson Windows and Doors frequently.  Anderson Windows and Doors is a great company that makes a solid product.  Their three point locking system is second to none.  In fact, they are so confident in their product line that they offer a ten year warranty on their door locks.  This is a good thing, since from time to time they do break.

The most common issue that we have seen occur on Anderson Door Locks in Lincoln California is a broken lever return spring.  You will know that this is your issue when the interior handle does not return all the way up to the horizontal position on its own. It is important to resolve this issue;  if you don’t latch will remain retracted and the door will not remain shut unless you lock it.  Since the return spring is inside of the door lock mechanism the only solution for a broken return spring or a sagging handle is to have a qualified locksmith replace the door lock mechanism.  Now if your door is under ten years of age then Anderson Window and Door will supply the parts to a licensed locksmith at no additional cost.

If you live in the greater Sacramento area and are having issues with your Anderson Glass and Door Locks please give us a call.

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