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Locksmith Antelope CA – NorCal Locksmith is Now Offering Locksmithing Service in Antelope California

We at NorCal Locksmith to announce the expansion of our locksmithing service area to incorporate Locksmith Antelope CA. Our Locksmithing services include:

Residential:  Rekeys, Door Hardening, Fresh Lock Installation, Single sided Deadbolt Installation, Peephole installation, Cam Lock Installation and much more.

Commercial: Rekeys, Masterkey Systems, Door Hardware installation and replacement, Door Closers, Emergency Exit Devices, and Access Control.

Safes: Sales, Service, Opening and Repairing, Securing to the Floor, and Safe Restoration.

So whether you are locked out of your home or auto or need your office building rekeyed in Antelope California one of our quality locksmith service technicians can get your security related issues resolved in a prompt and timely fashion.

We are proud to serve the Antelope community and will always strive to provide top notch customer service. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call us at 916-632-3400.

Locksmith Granite Bay CA – NorCal Locksmith is Your Local Locksmith

Locksmith Granite Bay CANorCal Locksmith is proud to be considered the local Locksmith Granite Bay CA.  With offer a wide array of locksmithing services to the the residents and business located in Granite Bay.

For example, maybe you have lost your keys to your home and need it rekeyed.  Our highly trained locksmith technicians can get all of the locks on you home rekeyed and  usually within an hour.

Or perhaps you own a business and are facing the unfortunate situation of having to let someone go.  We can come out and rekey your business so that you can rest assured that your previous employee or employees can come back and get it after hours.

We at NorCal Locksmith also offer a wide range of Safe related locksmithing services. Our  skilled safe technicians sell, service, and open all varieties of safes and vaults in Granite Bay California.

So what ever your locksmithing need may be we at NorCal Locksmith are happy and honored to be your local Locksmith in Granite Bay California.

Roseville Safe Locksmith – Converting a Combination Safe Lock to a Digital Safe Lock

I can’t tell you the number of safes that I have been called out to just to find out that the customer was dialing the numbers incorrectly. There’s a simple solution to this problem, have a locksmith replace the old combination lock with a contemporary digital safe lock. These locks can be easily swapped in fact most modern safes are designed to be able to accommodate either lock style.

There is nothing like the convenience of a Digital safe lock, now you can say goodbye to repeated attempts of trying to dial your safe open. Digital safe locks allow the end user to set and change there own 6 digit combination easy and within seconds. You can make the combo easy to remember by using numbers that have some personal significance.

There are many models to choose from but a few of the most popular models include

Sargent and Greenleafs 6120 and  La Gards LCMX

Both of these locks offer similar usability as well as security features.  The do feature different style elements so choose the one that you feel best matches your safes design elements.

It is important that these locks are installed properly, being that there are often times things to consider such as external relockers, it is strongly advised that you hire a trained professional such as a safe locksmith. Be sure that who ever you hire is licensed and insured.

If you live in in the greater Sacramento California area then please call your local Roseville Safe Locksmith .

Residential Locksmith Services

NorCal locksmith offers a wide array of residential locksmith services in the greater Sacramento area.  Many of the services that we provide may be things that one would already know and expect from a locksmith but some might actually come as a surprise.  For instance, some of the things that one may already expect could include residential rekeys, lockouts, door lock upgrades and replacements, generating keys and duplicating keys.

Now, some of the things that you might not expect form a locksmith could include adding a deadbolt to those garage doors that only have a knob inadequately securing them currently.  Or maybe the teenagers in the house are getting into the buzze.  A cabinet lock would help keep them out of the out, and there is no one better that a professional locksmith to install such locks without  destroying that precious wood.

One thing that is a unique art of a professional locksmith is that of opening safes and repairing  safes.  Whether the combo o is lost or its just no longer working a locksmith can get that safe up and going again. Once the safe is open it may be a good idea for convenience to have the locksmith swap it out with a digital safe lock.

One of our Sacramento Locksmiths, in your area, would be happy to provide any of these locksmithing services. Just give us a call.

Home and Business Safes

Whether at home or at business it is likely that you may have many valuables from important papers to precious jewelry lying out in the open for many to see.   Believe it or not the most likely thief is someone that you know.  If you think about it this makes a lot of sense since they have been in your house and may be aware of what kinds of things you have just sitting around.  I realize that no one likes to think of their friends or family as possible thieves but the truth is if you haven’t taking any steps to secure your valuables you are partly to blame for their disappearance.  A home or business safe is an inexpensive insurance policy and from a Sacramento locksmiths perspective a must have.  If you order one from a reputable locksmith then they will likely be able to bolt it down for you as well.  This prevents the whole safe from being carried away.   A decent safe is reasonable priced any where as from low as $240.  Definitely consider getting a fire resistant one; there is little point in protecting your goods from a thief only to have them burnt up.  A descent safe should have at least 1 hour fire protection at around 1700 degrees F.  If you’re interested in security steer clear of the safes that you can purchase at places like Office Depot or Sams Club; the offer little protection to the most rudimentary of attacks.  In addition for the same price that you will pay for a Sentry Safe you can purchase an Adesco or an Amsec both of which will offer a descent amount of security as well as fire protection.

Should you go with a digital lock or should you go with a mechanical one?  This is a good question to consider for they both have their advantages and disadvantages.  For example a digital safe lock can be opened fairly easily in seconds, while a mechanical lock may take a few attempts at dialing it before it opens.  In addition, the digital locks are usually easy for the user to change the combination on, while the mechanical variety may require a locksmith.  On the other hand the digital locks to require batteries which do need to be changed every so often.  Also the digital locks are electronic and we all know that electronics do have a tendency to fail, and the question is not if but when.  The mechanical locks will most likely never fail.  If you do decide to go with the digital version make sure that you have a key override in case the electronics do fail.

No matter what kind of safe that you decide on the most important thing is not what kind you get, but that you actually get a safe.  If you live in the Sacramento area and would like to purchase a safe or have one serviced, opened or bolted down or  have any questions please contact your local Sacramento Locksmith.