Monthly Archives: August 2009

Roseville Locksmith

Norcal Locksmith is now open for business.  We are located in Roseville California and service all of Placer County.  We provide services for both Residential and Business.

These services include:

  1. Rekeying lock cylinders
  2. Producing and duplicating keys
  3. Master keying locks
  4. Hardware repair and replacement
  5. Emergency exit device installation and repair
  6. High security lock installation
  7. Restricted key way installation
  8. Access Control
  9. Door closer installation and replacement
  10. Security analysis and upgrade

We also to make keys for most vehicles.

Please feel free to contact your local Roseville Locksmith by visiting our site.

Bumping Locks

Bumping locks, although not being a new security concern, is getting alot more attention these days due in part to the propaganda spread by some locksmiths attempting to  promote their own pricey high security keyways.  So before you go out and spend an exuperant amount of money on new locks, lets take a moment to uncover what exactly lock bumping is and briefly discuss how vulnerable you really are to such an entry technique.

First a lock is bumped through the use of a specially cut key that when applied using a certain technique actually pics the lock cylinder.  Be advise that this lock opening approach does require a certain level of finesse, similar to that which  is required to pick a lock the old fashioned way through the us of lock pics.   Essentially racking a lock open with a pick and bumping a lock open with a bump key both defeat a tumbler lock cylinder in the same way, that is, by bouncing the tumberlers up and down until the shear line is achieved.

Bump keying unlike old fashioned picking should by no means be considered a covert entry technique.   First of all it produces a significant amount of sound via the bumping process.   In my oppinion if a crook is going to make that much noise then they may as well just kick the door in or break a window.   Second, it leaves a noticeable scar on the top of the lock cylinder keyway, clear evidence that such a technique has been attempted.  However, truth being told locks can be opened through such a technique I have seen it my self and done it myself as a Locksmtih here in, Rocklin California,  although always completely legally.