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Rocklin Locksmith

Nor-Cal Locksmith is now offering quality locksmithing services by our Rocklin Locksmith.

As the economic recession continues  we in the professional locksmithing industry are seeing an up tick in home and business break ins.  One way to help avoid having such an occurrence  is to increase the level of home or business security.

Key Control

One of the most rudimentary things that can and should be done is keeping track of how many keys for your home or business are out there and who has them.  If there is any doubt about your key control then you should have a licenced locksmith come out and rekey your locks.


Once key control is reestablished it is important to make sure that all of the points of entry into your home or business are adiquately secured.  This includes all windows, doors, animal doors and chimneys.   Be adviced an exterior door is not considered secured if the only lock on the door is a knob.   In our experience if it is just a knob on the door 9 times out of ten it can be bypassed by simply shimming the door.  In order to avoid such entry techniques it is essential that you have a deadbolt installed on all vulnerable doors.  (A Deadbolt can not,  if properly installed, be shimmed or knifed into the open position once  fulled locked. ) If the door has windows that could be knocked out either replace the door or at the very least request that your locksmith install a double sided deadbolt.

Home Security System / Alarm

No home security system is complete without an alarm system.  Checking your locks and windows is the surest way to keep intruders out of your home  but if they get in the next line of defence is an alarm system.  An alarm system will detect that one of the doors or windows has been forced open and then signal an alert to the monitor who will in turn contact the police.

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