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Home and Business Safes

Whether at home or at business it is likely that you may have many valuables from important papers to precious jewelry lying out in the open for many to see.   Believe it or not the most likely thief is someone that you know.  If you think about it this makes a lot of sense since they have been in your house and may be aware of what kinds of things you have just sitting around.  I realize that no one likes to think of their friends or family as possible thieves but the truth is if you haven’t taking any steps to secure your valuables you are partly to blame for their disappearance.  A home or business safe is an inexpensive insurance policy and from a Sacramento locksmiths perspective a must have.  If you order one from a reputable locksmith then they will likely be able to bolt it down for you as well.  This prevents the whole safe from being carried away.   A decent safe is reasonable priced any where as from low as $240.  Definitely consider getting a fire resistant one; there is little point in protecting your goods from a thief only to have them burnt up.  A descent safe should have at least 1 hour fire protection at around 1700 degrees F.  If you’re interested in security steer clear of the safes that you can purchase at places like Office Depot or Sams Club; the offer little protection to the most rudimentary of attacks.  In addition for the same price that you will pay for a Sentry Safe you can purchase an Adesco or an Amsec both of which will offer a descent amount of security as well as fire protection.

Should you go with a digital lock or should you go with a mechanical one?  This is a good question to consider for they both have their advantages and disadvantages.  For example a digital safe lock can be opened fairly easily in seconds, while a mechanical lock may take a few attempts at dialing it before it opens.  In addition, the digital locks are usually easy for the user to change the combination on, while the mechanical variety may require a locksmith.  On the other hand the digital locks to require batteries which do need to be changed every so often.  Also the digital locks are electronic and we all know that electronics do have a tendency to fail, and the question is not if but when.  The mechanical locks will most likely never fail.  If you do decide to go with the digital version make sure that you have a key override in case the electronics do fail.

No matter what kind of safe that you decide on the most important thing is not what kind you get, but that you actually get a safe.  If you live in the Sacramento area and would like to purchase a safe or have one serviced, opened or bolted down or  have any questions please contact your local Sacramento Locksmith.

Saramento Locksmith Opening Safes

NorCal Locksmith is now opening safes in the greater  Sacramento area.   Whether you’ve lost the combination or have had a recent death in the family and need to get into that old safe you can trust a Sacramento Locksmith to get it open for you.   Life can hand you unexpected twists and turns and  sometimes unfortunately  are memories just simply fail us and we forget those numbers that are not used regularly.  Or maybe you remember the numbers but the safe still won’t open. Perhaps when it closed last you heard a clunk which, unbeknown to you was the relocker firing, and now the safe what open.  Likely all of your important documents are now locked safely away in a place that even you no longer have access to.  Don’t worry there is a solution, call a Safe Cracker. NorCal Locksmiths safe technicians are highly trained and certified in opening and repairing all sorts of safes and safe deposit locks.  So if you find yourself needing one opened and repaired and need it done by a true professional security expert then call us at NorCal Locksmith and we will get the job done right the first time.  We at NorCal Locksmith pride our selves on protecting your security and confidentiality therefore we always do are utmost  to leave our customers feeling fully guarded, that’s our guarantee.  Contact our techs near you by visiting our Sacramento Locksmiths.