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Residential Locksmith Services

NorCal locksmith offers a wide array of residential locksmith services in the greater Sacramento area.  Many of the services that we provide may be things that one would already know and expect from a locksmith but some might actually come as a surprise.  For instance, some of the things that one may already expect could include residential rekeys, lockouts, door lock upgrades and replacements, generating keys and duplicating keys.

Now, some of the things that you might not expect form a locksmith could include adding a deadbolt to those garage doors that only have a knob inadequately securing them currently.  Or maybe the teenagers in the house are getting into the buzze.  A cabinet lock would help keep them out of the out, and there is no one better that a professional locksmith to install such locks without  destroying that precious wood.

One thing that is a unique art of a professional locksmith is that of opening safes and repairing  safes.  Whether the combo o is lost or its just no longer working a locksmith can get that safe up and going again. Once the safe is open it may be a good idea for convenience to have the locksmith swap it out with a digital safe lock.

One of our Sacramento Locksmiths, in your area, would be happy to provide any of these locksmithing services. Just give us a call.

Auburn Locksmith Service Now Available

Norcal Locksmith is proud to announce that we are now offering an Auburn Locksmith service.  Born and raised in Placer county I am very familiar with the territory from the valleys of the American River to the crests of the foothills reaching elevations of 1400 feet.

Auburn is a beautiful area the heart of the gold country was considered the proper place for the Capital.  All though that never came to pass one can tell just by looking around that the area is steeped in history.   As a locksmith there is much to consider when assessing the security needs of any particular building.  For instance the old Victorian style homes may still have the original skeleton key mortise locks and the owners may want to preserve these features.  We at NorCal Locskmith working as your local security expert can make keys for this old hardware, and also provide you with information as to how you can increase your security without changing the aesthetic of your house.

Not all of the homes and buildings are old in Auburn in fact the majority are of a more contemporary sort.  Therefore, we as your Auburn Locksmith can provide you with the most up to date security and lock solutions.  Whether you are locked out of your home or auto or need your house or business rekeyed we as your local locksmith in Auburn would be happy to take care of all of your  locksmithing needs.

Locksmith Scams hit Sacramento California! How to Find a Reputable Locksmith.

Reports of customers being under quoted and over charged for locksmithing related work has become ever to common these days. So how does one avoid such scams and  go about finding a Reputable Professional Locksmith.?

First off make sure that you locate a local phone number, that is one in you area code.  Avoid all 1-800 numbers unless they have a an additional local number listed as well.  Try to find someone that you’ve heard of or ask a friend.  Next make sure that you get an estimate for the work that is to be done prior to the locksmith coming out. Once the locksmith arrives verify that the vehicle they came in is marked with a company logo, if not turn them away; you want someone invested in their line of work.  Again ask them what the charges will be before they begin to perform any work.  Don’t let them tell you any stories of why they need to charge you double because the gas pump will shut off if you don’t stick the keys in the ignition within 10 seconds.Tall tales like this defy common sense and should be cause for you to call another locksmith without paying the scam artist standing in front of you a single dime.  In addition to getting them to reiterate their rates ask to see their valid and current locksmith license.  Any Professional Sacramento Locksmith operating his business legitimately will be able to provide such ID when requested.  When the work is done if the bill is other than quoted and you were not notified in advance to why it was going to cost more, refuse payment and contact the local authorities.  If the bill is acceptable then make sure you receive a copy of it in addition to a business card; you never know when you or you friends will need a good locksmith again.

In closing trust your gut if something doesn’t seem up to par chances are its not.  If your in the Greater Sacramento area please contact you local Sacramento Locksmith.  We at NorCal Locksmith pride ourselves on Professionalism and Quality Locksmithing work.