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Burglary on the Rise as the Recession Continues

As the U.S. economy continues to sputter along residential burglaries keep increasing. While the numbers are skewed, due to the fact that 50% of home burglaries go unreported, they do continue to increase.  To make matters worse the FBI Uniform Crime Report estimates that only about 16% of Burglars get caught, thus this perpetrators are able to hit house, after house, after house.

The truly unfortunate thing is  80% of residential burglars gain entry through a door by just kicking it open. The reason that this technique works is do to the fact that the door jambs are usually made of a soft wood and the strike plates are insufficiently mounted to just the surface wood with short screws.

The good news is this lack of door jamb strength can be easily remedied.  The lock technicians at Sacramento Locksmith resolve this problem by installing heavy duty strike plates fastened with 3″ screws to the 2 by 4 that is located just behind the jamb door jamb.  With this security upgrade our Sacramento Residential Locksmiths can help insure that your family and valuable are protected and furthermore that your house doesn’t become the next FBI statistic.

Locksmith Breaks Asteroids Highest Score Record

John McAllister a Seattle based locksmith has broken the highest score record previously held by Scott Safran.  John scored a whopping 41,338,740 points on this classic Atari arcade game. This is an amazing achievement for a locksmith, not only because Asteroids is a fairly difficult game, but also because in order to achieve such a high score as John did, one has to sit at the controls for days.  Fortunately for Mr. McAllister, if any profession promotes patience, it is that of a locksmith.

The same level of patience is necessary for a locksmith to insure that they provide the highest quality of security related work. From the precise  installation of lock hardware, to picking lock cylinders,  to the manipulation of a safe locks a locksmiths patience is continuously being tested.  It is fair to say that patience and the ability to persevere are essential and if one lacks either attribute then the  profession of locksmithing is not for you.

To read more about John McAllister and his great achievement visit Game Spy.

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Why a Professional Automotive Locksmith is the Best Option for Auto Lockouts.

Your day has just gotten alot worse in about .5 seconds you’ve shut the door of your car and locked the keys inside, aught oh auto lockout. Now your first instinct might be to pick up that rock that’s sitting on the ground near by and bash out the window, don’t do it that would be an extremely expensive option usually averaging from $300 dollars and up. The next thing that might cross your mind is to call “Bob” that friend or acquaintance , you know we’ve all got one, who likes to collect weird tools like the classic “slim jim”.  This to would be a bad idea too; many cars these days are equipped with side impact airbags a well as censors, so you don’t want just anyone probing around inside your door. Believe it or not a few years back a police officer was using a slim jim to open a door for some one who was locked out of their car and he hit the the air bag, it fired and penetrated his head underneath his chin killing him immediately.

Take my advice and save yourself some money, call a professional automotive locksmith to open the car for you. They will come out equipped with all the essential automotive tools and know how to  unlock the car in a manner that doesn’t do any damage to your vehicle or your friend Bob. In addition, if by chance the keys are not in the vehicle like you were hoping a auto locksmith will be prepared to make an original  key for your car, thus insuring that you will be able to get moving along down the road in a matter of minutes.

If your in the Sacramento area then call your local Sacramento Automotive Locksmith at 916-672-8565.

Why adding a Deadbolt to a Garage door is a Good Idea.

Many homes in Rocklin, Roseville, and Granite Bay only have a knob on the exterior garage door.  This makes this door extremely vulnerable to kick ins as well as door spreading attacks.  Your local Roseville Residential Locksmith can help resolve this security threat by performing a fresh installation of a deadbolt of your garage door or doors.

By installing a deadbolt on the garage doors you are increasing the security of that door; not only will it be much more difficult to kick in or spread open it will also be more secure against pick attacks or lock bumping. To further increase the resistance to picking and bumping ask your locksmith to install spooled driver pins into you deadbolt cylinder.

Although it may be possible to for you to perform a fresh installation of a deadbolt lock on your door it is not advisable for a couple reasons.  First and foremost, it does take specialized tools such as hole saws, drill bits and chisels in order to properly install the lock. A professional locksmith will have all the necessary equipment to get the job done right.  Second,a professional locksmith will also be able to reinforce the door jamb and install security strike plates. This is important because when it comes to kick ins the door breaks at the weakest point, if the jamb is reinforced then it is unlikely to split out.

So if you decide that you would like to increase the security of your home please call your local Roseville Locksmith at 916-672-8565.