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Residential Door Security 1

All doors are vulnerable to certain types of attacks but there are some sure fire ways to prevent many techniques.

Glass paneling is one of the main vulnerabilities that a door can have. Do to the fact that a burglar can simply break out one of the glass panels and reach inside and undo the deadbolt and other door locks.  Glass on doors is a big concern, especially if the glass is located within 40 inches or less of the locks.  If the glass is more than 40 inches away from the locks then the concern becomes whether or not the area of opening is big enough for a burglar to crawl through.

Any door that has Glass near the locks should have a double sided deadbolt installed on it. A double sided deadbolt is a dead bolting lock that has a key cylinder on both sides of the door, this insures that no one can reach in through a broken window and unlock the door unless they have a key.

There are some solutions to preventing the glass from being broken out.  For example, 3M makes a film that you can put over the glass itself; thus making the glass more akin to Plexiglas in that it if cracked will remain as one sheet. Another solution is to put metal grills over all of the vulnerable windows. Metal grills use to pose a substantial fire hazard but the new designs actually allow the resident to release the grill from the inside in case of an emergency.

Whatever solution you prefer it is always best to get a professional consult from a security expert such as Sacramento based Roseville Locksmith thus insuring that you don’t take any costly steps that were unneeded.

Lincoln Locksmith Service

Whether you’re locked out of your car or need you’re home or business rekeyed NorCal Locksmith can get the job done for you in a prompt and professional fashion. We at NorCal Locksmith are proud to offer our full line of professional locksmithing services to the Lincoln California community.

Lincoln is a rapidly growing city, unfortunately as cities grow so to does the crime rate. Are your vulnerable? The best way to determine this is to understand how burglars or home intruders typically enter a house; once you know this then you can increase the security of those entry points and decrease your vulnerability.   NorCal Locksmith can help. As your local security expert can we  provide you with a free residential security assessment with the purchase of any of our residential services including lockouts.

Some simple fixes may be adding a deadbolt to a garage door that does not currently have one or possibly reinforcing your windows with window locks. Although, before you go out spending a fortune on security products take the time to do your home work. Find out how and through what entry points most home invasions have been occurring in your area. Once you know the entry points invest in some approaches to securing those points of entrance. If you don’t know what products would be the best to fit your particular needs then ask a professional.

So whether your locked out,  need you home rekeyed, or would like a security assessment performed contact your local Lincoln Locksmith.

What is a master key system?

A master key system is a very important locksmith tool. By properly utilizing this keying technique a professional locksmith can key a commercial building or a house in such a way that one owner manager can open all the doors with his key while at the same time isolating other areas to work on only certain specific keys.  For example, lets say there is a managers office and only the manager should have access to this room, but the manager doesn’t want to carry multiple keys, by simply keying the managers office to open only with the master key this can be accomplished. In addition, there may be other doors in the building that employees should be able to access, such as exterior entry doors or individual offices etc., these doors can be keyed to both the master key as well, as what is referred to, as a change key.  Anyone with one of the change keys can only open the doors that were keyed specifically to that key.Notice the master key was still part of the equation when keying the other doors thus the master key which the manager has a his only key now opens everything.

The system described here is a two tier master key system, additional levels can be added if needed. For instance, maybe a assistant manager needs access beyond just the entry doors but is not permitted in the managers office. By using a three tier master key system the managers office can remain off limits to everyone but the manager while still affording the assistant manager access to all the other necessary doors.

Master key systems can be set up to accommodate future business expansion. It may be the case that there are currently only four doors that need to incorporate the master key but down the road as the business grows there may be hundreds, if properly structured a master key system can grow with your business. This is convenient because it prevents the whole system from having to be done all over as time progresses.

If a master key system seems like it may benefit you or your business please contact a qualified commercial locksmith to assist with further clarification and setup.