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Rocklin Locksmith: Why Neighborhood Watch Programs Are So Important

nwatchWhile there are many things you can do to increase the security of home such as reinforcement plates and bump proof locks etc. one of the most effective lines of defense is your neighbors eyes.  If you don’t all ready have one in action you should seriously consider putting together a neighborhood watch program.

One of the unfortunate side effects of a slumping economy is that crime and burglaries tend to increase. But before you go out and get a mean dog or spend an exorbitant amount of money on high security locks and security systems you should first consider your neighborhood at large. Are there conducive conditions that may attract criminals? Look around are the yards well kept? Do people leave the newspapers in the driveways for an extended amount of time? It may sound funny but these are some of the cues that criminals use to identify which homes are left unattended.

CNN reports that burglars masquerade as solicitors knocking on doors checking who is home and and which houses are vulnerable. The best way to prevent such would be crooks is to have eyes and ears on the street watching for unusual activity and reporting suspicious  persons. Since burglars are opportunists the best way to prevent them is to demonstrate that the houses in your neighborhood would be difficult to rob without being noticed.

There are many resources out there explaining how to go about setting up a neighborhood watch such as

Mobilizing a Community With a Neighborhood Watch Program

Another valuable resource is your local police department, if you contact them they will usually come and talk to you and your neighbors about how to go about initiating a neighborhood watch program as wells as what kind of suspicious activity to look out for.

In the end in the unfortunate instance when the burglar gets past the neighborhood watch program it is still a good idea to have quality residential locks and door hardware. A Qualified Locksmith such as Rocklin Locksmith would be a good choice to get the job done right the first time.

Roseville Locksmith: Why Wireless Residential Security Cameras Are a Must When it Comes to Home Security

DoubleSecurityCameraWithRemOur lives are so busy these days it seems like most of us spend the majority of our lives away from our homes. The question is who is watching ours homes while we’re gone? Unfortunately the most accurate answer no one. So while are homes sit for the larger part of every day totally unattended, this does not have to be the case. With the advent of wireless residential security cameras you can have eyes on the ground when your not there to do it yourself.

In the old days if one wanted a camera security system they would have to most likely hire a professional to come out and drill a bunch of holes through the wall of the house and run the wire for the cameras, this would take both time and money. Now with the wireless cameras these wire and added expense are no longer necessary. Just mount the camera connect it to the preexisting wireless network and your up and running.

Maybe your at work and would like to see whats going on at your house, many of the cameras can be accessed remotely by logging on to your home network. If your already at home you can check who is at the door before you even get out of your chair.

While there are many steps to properly securing your home a wireless camera is a definite must; it adds security and piece of mind.

If installing your own wireless security camera system still sounds like it might be a little more then you would like to take on your self, then contact your local security experts such as your local Roseville Locksmith.

How vulnerable is your door to “Kick-ins”? Plus how to prevent them.

doorreinforcerMost doors are any where from 1 1/2  – 2 inches thick.  Unfortunately in order to install a standard lock in the door a 1 inch hole must be drilled in the doors edge. This means that a piece of wood any where from a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch thick is all that is keeping the door from being forced open. Thus a solid kick or even a good hit with the shoulder can break out the door.

Don’t be to alarmed though there is a simple and cost effective way to prevent kick in attacks. All you need to do is measure the thickness of the door and the back set of the lock ( the back set is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the lock) and take these measurements down to your local hardware store and purchase a wrap around.  A wrap around or door reinforcement plate actually wraps around the edge of the door thus protecting the wood from splitting out.

A door wrap around is easy to install all one has to do is remove the two screws that are currently holding the knob or deadbolt on the door and put the wrap around over the door edge. Then put four screws one in each corner of the plate and  reinstall the knob or deadbolt and presto your door is instantly reinforced.

Even though a door reinforcement plate is fairly easy to install sometimes it is best to let a qualified locksmith do the work for you.  NorCal Locksmith a Roseville Ca. Locksmith performs this type of installation in the greater Sacramento area.