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Roseville Locksmith: Residential and Business Lockouts

We at NorCal Locskmith working as your Local Roseville Locksmith pride ourselves on our ability to perform all of the locksmithing services that you may need in the most professional manner possible. That is why when you call us to unlock your home, business or auto we will get it done rapid fashion without causing damage to your locks or hardware.

All of our technicians are trained in advanced lock picking techniques. So while some unprofessional locksmiths may use pick guns, or simply luck, to unlock your locks, we will use approaches such pure picking. Pure picking is a lock picking technique in which the locksmith feels every pin individually and gently applies pressure to them until all the shear lines are achieved an the lock opens. This approach is unique from other methods such as raking and the use of pick guns in that the technician should be fully aware of when the lock is about to turn. No luck there.

NorCals Locksmiths will also never suggest drilling a lock, unless absolutely necessary, which is extremely rare. Many amateur locksmiths will go straight for their drill gun as soon as they see that the door is indeed locked. Drilling is a very costly method of opening a door and in many cases an unnecessary on.

Our belief and commitment is that when you higher a professional to do a job they should be able to complete that job  in a professional fashion, which requires skill and training.  Anyone can stick a pick in a lock wiggle it around and hope that it opens, and anyone can pick up a drill and force their way in. That is not professional locksmithing. We believe that when you call us you want the job done right in a manner that saves you both time and money,  so that is what we deliver.

Rocklin Locksmith : Door Hardware Installation


Is your door looking a little run down do to the fact that the hardware on it has lost it’s shine or is just out of style?

Among the many residential services that a locksmith can provide is the sales and installation of door hardware.

Handlesets, as pictured here, can add a taste of class and elegance to a door. The handle portion typically works a latch  independently from the deadbolt.

When upgrading this hardware there are a few things to consider. First, what is the backset of the door. This is determined by measure the distance from the doors edge to the center of the whole located on either face of the door. The two most common backsets are 2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″. Most locks and handle sets come with adjustable latches to accommodate both backsets.

The second thing to consider is the length of the handle itself. This is determined by measuring from the center of the latch on the doors edge to the screw that goes through the face of the door on the bottom of the handle. This over all length does change from brand to brand and over time so unless you want to drill a new hole through your door make sure the new handle set is the same length as the old one.

Handle sets are only one type of hardware that locksmiths can provide some of the others include kick plates, decorative trim, peep holes, hinges and much more.

To find out more please contact your local locksmith. If you are located in the Rocklin or Roseville California are then contact your local Rocklin Residential Locksmith or call 916-632-3400

Roseville Locksmith: The Importance of Lock Lubrication

triflowWorking as a locksmith in Roseville California I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been called out to a job because a key was no longer working and all that was needed was a little lubrication in the lock cylinder.

So take it from a professional locksmith if your key has been working and then all the sudden stops, the first thing you should try, before calling anyone out to fix the problem, is putting a little lubricant in the lock.

Locks are composed of movable parts when you slide your key into the lock cylinder the blade of the key pushes up a series of either wafers or pins. As time progresses elements such a dust and corrosion (caused by hard water) can cause the movable parts to stop moving freely. When this occurs your key can stop working.

By spraying a little lubricant such a Tri-Flow or even WD-40 into the keyway of the lock cylinder you diminish the friction that is binding and preventing the pins and wafers from moving freely. If this was indeed the reason that your key stopped working,  then after applying lubricant, it should begin to work again.

I also advice that you apply the same lubricant to the latch as well as the bolt that comes out of the edge of the door; lubricating these parts can make the door both  open and close and even lock more easily.

If your key still does not work after applying lubricant then it may indeed be time to call out a professional such as California based Roseville Locksmith.