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Rocklin Locksmith and the Importance a Professional Installation of a Cabinet Door Lock

Whether your trying to secure your valuables or keep your teens away from your liquor a cabinet door lock is definitely a good addition to your residential security. We at NorCal Locksmith working as your local Rocklin Locksmith have installed thousands of cabinet locks. We understand that your cabinet may be an important piece of furniture and that you want the lock installed professionally avoiding any unwanted damage.

While it is possible for you to go out and buy all the tools required in order to install a cabinet lock, as a professional locksmith company we would not advice it. There are many small, yet, important things to consider when installing a cabinet lock.

To begin with, the length of the cam lock cylinder and casing need to be considered. It is important that the overall length allows the tailpiece of the lock to properly engage either the support beam or the other door. If the lock is not longer than the thickness of the door then you won’t be able to put the nut on the back of the cam lock, thus nothing will hold it in position.

One also must consider the distance from the door edge where the locks will be installed. If to close to the edge then you risk splitting out the door when you drill it. On the other hand, if the lock is to far from the edge then the tail piece will not be long enough to secure the door.

If your are installing the cam lock on a set of double doors then you must consider the use of an elbow catch or something similar in order to secure the door that is not incorporating the cam lock. By securing this door you will now have a solid anchor for the cam locks tail piece to lock against.

So in conclusion, while it is a good idea to install a cabinet lock on any cabinet that you have valuables in or want to keep children out of, it is recommended that you have a professional locksmith do the installation. In the end you will find that paying a professional will cost you far less than replacing a cabinet door that has been drilled unproperly.