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Locksmith in Roseville California Warns Against $19 Locksmith Service Scams

Beware of Locksmith ScamsTake it from me a Local Locksmith in Roseville California When it comes to locksmiths the guy with the lowest advertised price isn’t always the best deal. In fact, more often the not with these “$19 Locksmith Services” you usually get a whole lot more than you were looking for.

When you call one of these numbers that are advertising such low rates you are connected to a call center or a dispatcher who is most likely located in a totally different state. The dispatcher then tries to locate a “locksmith”, oftentimes a illegitimate one  who is likely unlicensed and uninsured, who can perform the required work for them. In return the “locksmith” is charged the $19 dollars as a referral or lead fee.  At this point the technician is already in the hole $19 dollars, therefore once he shows up to do the work he needs to charge you $19 plus what ever trip fee and labor fees he can in order to make the job profitable.

What usually happens is the locksmith will show up for lets say a simple lock rekey and then he will give you a song and dance about how the lock can’t be rekeyed and how it needs to be replaced (All of this is untrue by the way, the vast majority of locks can be rekeyed with very few complications). He then will try to charge you $50 or more for a knock of brand that may of cost him $5. Thus, once the technician is  done with his work he will hand you a bill that is two to three times the amount that a legitimate locksmith would have charged you for the same work.

The moral of the story is do your self a favor and avoid calling the guys who are advertising a low ball rate, since they are typically a bait a switch operation who are out to take you for a ride.