Hoppe Door Locks – Roseville CA

Hoppe Three Point LockOne of the best three point locking mechanisms out there, beside Anderson door locks, Hoppe offers a multi-point lock at a fairly reasonable price.  Just like Anderson door locks Hoppe lock Mechanisms do once in a while break in such a way that the spring no longer return the handle to the upright position or even in some case so that the door cannot even be locked. The remedy to this is to have a locksmith come out and replace, typically, just the mortice lock body and the bottom section of the mechanism. A do it yourself type can try to replace this mechanism on their own but there are a few things that can make it difficult. For one the profile euro style cylinder that the Hoppe lock Mechanism uses to lock the door needs to be removed in order to swap out the hardware. Sometimes this cylinder can be difficult do get in the right position to remove from the door. In addition, the new bottom half of the mechanism needs to be properly connected to the top portion in order for the lock to function properly. Furthermore, often when these locks fail it is because one of the strike plates is not lining up correctly, a well trained technician will have the knowledge to identify when this is the case, and will be able to make the appropriate adjustments. Therefore, although it is possible to do-it yourself it may behoove you to call a professional for this lock style.

If you are located in Placer county we at NorCal Locksmith would be happy to help you resolve any issues you may be having with you Hoppe Multi Point Lock Mechanism.

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