Sacramento Locksmith Reviewed – Master Locks Vs. American Lock

When it comes to locking up your work trailers, storage units, bins or even your bicycle choosing the proper padlock is essential. When you put your head down on the pillow at night you want to rest assured that what ever it is that you’re locking up will still be there in one piece in the morning.

First and foremost, you must come to accept, like so many other things in life, that  not all padlocks are alike. For example, one might be able to find a padlock at a hardware store for $5-6 or maybe two for $10. Just don’t think that a cheap padlock is of good quality. More likely than not a padlock that costs you this little offers little in the way of security as well. Often these inferiors padlocks can be simply pounded off or cut with a pair of bolt cutters rather quickly. Be warned if you do choose to use such a padlock make sure that what ever your securing with it is of little or no value.

With that being said lets explore how one may go about finding a quality padlock. What should one look for when deciding which padlock best meets their needs and requirements? Any padlock you get needs to have a case hardened shackle. A case hardened shackle is one that is much more difficult to cut with a pair of bolt cutters. This type of shackle comes standard on both Master Lock as well as American Lock Padlocks. You may also consider the use of a padlock that features a shackle guard. A shackle guard further prevents the cutting of the shackle buy insulating it from such attacks. This type of shackle is available from both of the major manufactures.

Cutting the shackle isn’t the only threat to a padlock. Like most cylinder locks a padlock runs the risk of being picked open. The majority of Master Lock padlocks can be picked by someone with the proper tools in a matter of seconds. Ultimately this is one of Master Locks greatest weaknesses. Recently Master Lock has tried to respond to the threat of picking attacks by adjusting the spring tension and adding special driver pins in their lock cylinders. While this has resulted in decreasing the probability of them being bumped it has done little to nothing against the use of traditional tools.

American Lock padlocks come standard with pick resistant pins called spooled driver pins. Spooled driver pins make it extremely difficult to pick the cylinder even with the proper tools. Spooled driver pins also make American Padlocks difficult to bump even with specially cut bump key.

Most of the standard Master Padlocks can be rapped with a wooden handle or a hammer in a precise manner and the lock will release the shackle.  This is due to the fact that the shackle retainers are spring loaded and the inertia from the blow causes them to release the shackle. The fact that they are spring loaded is also the reason why these locks can be shimmed open.

American Lock withstand the brute force attack because in the place of the spring loaded retainers they utilize ball bearings. These ball bearings only allow the shackle to be released when the cylinder is turned to the unlocked position. The ball bearings also make these locks impossible to open via shims.

Take it from me, a local Sacramento Locksmith, when your locking up your valuables and want to guratee they’ll still be there in the morning go with American Lock Padlocks.

Roseville Safe Locksmith – Converting a Combination Safe Lock to a Digital Safe Lock

I can’t tell you the number of safes that I have been called out to just to find out that the customer was dialing the numbers incorrectly. There’s a simple solution to this problem, have a locksmith replace the old combination lock with a contemporary digital safe lock. These locks can be easily swapped in fact most modern safes are designed to be able to accommodate either lock style.

There is nothing like the convenience of a Digital safe lock, now you can say goodbye to repeated attempts of trying to dial your safe open. Digital safe locks allow the end user to set and change there own 6 digit combination easy and within seconds. You can make the combo easy to remember by using numbers that have some personal significance.

There are many models to choose from but a few of the most popular models include

Sargent and Greenleafs 6120 and  La Gards LCMX

Both of these locks offer similar usability as well as security features.  The do feature different style elements so choose the one that you feel best matches your safes design elements.

It is important that these locks are installed properly, being that there are often times things to consider such as external relockers, it is strongly advised that you hire a trained professional such as a safe locksmith. Be sure that who ever you hire is licensed and insured.

If you live in in the greater Sacramento California area then please call your local Roseville Safe Locksmith .

Rocklin Locksmith and the Importance a Professional Installation of a Cabinet Door Lock

Whether your trying to secure your valuables or keep your teens away from your liquor a cabinet door lock is definitely a good addition to your residential security. We at NorCal Locksmith working as your local Rocklin Locksmith have installed thousands of cabinet locks. We understand that your cabinet may be an important piece of furniture and that you want the lock installed professionally avoiding any unwanted damage.

While it is possible for you to go out and buy all the tools required in order to install a cabinet lock, as a professional locksmith company we would not advice it. There are many small, yet, important things to consider when installing a cabinet lock.

To begin with, the length of the cam lock cylinder and casing need to be considered. It is important that the overall length allows the tailpiece of the lock to properly engage either the support beam or the other door. If the lock is not longer than the thickness of the door then you won’t be able to put the nut on the back of the cam lock, thus nothing will hold it in position.

One also must consider the distance from the door edge where the locks will be installed. If to close to the edge then you risk splitting out the door when you drill it. On the other hand, if the lock is to far from the edge then the tail piece will not be long enough to secure the door.

If your are installing the cam lock on a set of double doors then you must consider the use of an elbow catch or something similar in order to secure the door that is not incorporating the cam lock. By securing this door you will now have a solid anchor for the cam locks tail piece to lock against.

So in conclusion, while it is a good idea to install a cabinet lock on any cabinet that you have valuables in or want to keep children out of, it is recommended that you have a professional locksmith do the installation. In the end you will find that paying a professional will cost you far less than replacing a cabinet door that has been drilled unproperly.

Sacramento Locksmiths Insider Tips on Schlages SecureKey Vs. Kwikset SmartKey

A few years back Kwikset came out with a lock cylinder that can be rekeyed by the home owner with out having to call a locksmith. While this end user key changing technology has been around for years, it has primarily been used in   corporate applications by means of the U-Change cylinders. Now for the first time ever this technology is being produced by both of the largest residential lock manufactures Black and Deckers “Kwikset” and Ingersol Rands “Schlage”.

Both Schlage and Kwikset offer the same primary advantage for choosing their cylinder over any other cylinder that is the ease and convenience of being able to rekey your locks without having to take the hardware off of the door or calling a locksmith.

In order to change either cylinder special tools are required.

In the case of Kwikset it is a small shim like device that is inserted into the face of the lock. To do this you must first insert the original key and turn the lock cylinder 90 degrees clockwise. Now insert the shim, you will feel a click , this indicates that the lock has entered programming mode. Remove the shim and the original key and insert the new key. Return the lock cylinder to its original position and remove the new key. The lock is now set to the new key. Notice that two things are required in order to change a SmartKey Cylinder and special shim and a new set of keys (in addition to the oldset, without the old set changing the key is not possible).

In order to change the key in the Schlages SecureKey lock one must have the original keys, two specially milled change keys which can be purchased for around $10 dollars and the new keys that will work the locks.  The original key must then be copied onto one of the change keys and the new key onto the other change key. Now in order to rekey the locks the first change key must be inserted into the lock cylinder and turned to the 11 o’clock position then the first key is removed and the second change key inserted into the lock and turned to the original 12 o’clock position. Now the lock should be essentially rekeyed to the new key.

This is where Schlages SecureKey and Kwiksets SmartKeys similarities begin and end. So how are they different?

First and foremost they use two different  keyways, what this means is that the locks can not be keyed alike.  Take it from a Sacramento Residential Locksmith, if you want to eliminate the number of keys that you have to carry around then make sure not to mix and match Schlage and Kwikset lock hardware.

Second, they do not offer the same level of security in regards to saw and pry attacks. While both do make a deadbolt, both deadbolts are by no means equivalent. The bolt that extends into the door jamb on a Schlage  is definately more secure against sawing attacks because it features a hardened pin inside of it, while Kwiksets does not.

Third Schlages SecureKey can be picked fairly easily while Kwiksets Smartkey can not. This was proven at a recent ALOA Locksmithing convention in which 50 locks of each brand were tested side by side by trained locksmiths. The locksmiths had ten minutes to attempt to pick each lock. While close to all of the Schlage locks were defeated only one of the Kwikset locks were. This is clear cut evidence that when it comes to pick resistance the Schlage just doesn’t hold up to Kwikset.

So what lock should your use? As has been illustrated it really depends on what exactly your trying to accomplish with your locks. Consider whether picking is the greater concern or if it is sawing or brute force. Then choose wisely because changing your mind once the locks are in place can be an expensive mistake.

Roseville Locksmith – Wireless Residential Locks

schlagelinkHistorically locks remained pretty much unchanged for almost a hundred years. For example, General Motors came out with a lock cylinder back in the thirties and used it until around ten years ago. This is not the case anymore like so many other sectors of society electronics is now playing a major roll in commercial as well as residential locks and entry hardware.

There are many advantages add a few disadvantages to going electronic. Some people like the concept of not carrying keys, now all they have to do is carry a fob or even more conveniently just memorize a combination that they can input into a digital entry lock. One company that produces a full line of electronic locks is Schlage who is owned by Ingersol Rand.

Schlage now makes a wireless lock system called Schlage Link that you can access remotely via the internet thus enabling you to unlock or lock certain doors with a push of on your computer. This system can also be integrated with lights, thermostat and other devices. The feature that makes this truly revolutionary is that it is completely wireless; no special installation is required. Furthermore, most of the electronic deadbolt lock hardware can be installed in the holes that already exist in you door where your current deadbolt is mounted so no drilling is necessary.

Most of the installations of this style lock hardware is simple enough to do yourself, however, if you decide that you don’t have the time nor the inclination to do it call your local locksmith and they can install this hardware for you. If your live in the Roseville California area then please call your local Locksmith Roseville California. 916-632-3400

Locked Out of Your Home or Business?

In matter of seconds a your day that was going good up to this point just started to get a whole lot worse. Being locked out of your house can be extremely frustrating and make a person think a little less clearly than they might usually. No matter what don’t get tempted to break a window to get in. Breaking a window is a very costly method of entry. The best thing you could do would be to call a locksmith.

Locksmiths are trained in the art of opening door locks. They have all of the specialized equipment necessary to unlock your door without ruining the hardware or costing you any extra money.

There are some types of locks that when your locked out do require drilling but most don’t, so if your locksmith goes straight for their power tools be very skeptical. A professional locksmith will first exhaust all of his other options which should begin with a nice set of lock picks.

Most locks on homes and businesses can be picked and through the proper use of a pick and a tension wrench your local locksmith can unlock your home.

Keep in mind that not all locksmiths are the same so if you don’t know of one before your in need make sure that you call all of your friends and family until you get a referral that can be trusted. If you are in Placer County call your local Roseville Ca. Locksmith at 916-632-3400

Roseville Locksmith: Residential and Business Lockouts

We at NorCal Locskmith working as your Local Roseville Locksmith pride ourselves on our ability to perform all of the locksmithing services that you may need in the most professional manner possible. That is why when you call us to unlock your home, business or auto we will get it done rapid fashion without causing damage to your locks or hardware.

All of our technicians are trained in advanced lock picking techniques. So while some unprofessional locksmiths may use pick guns, or simply luck, to unlock your locks, we will use approaches such pure picking. Pure picking is a lock picking technique in which the locksmith feels every pin individually and gently applies pressure to them until all the shear lines are achieved an the lock opens. This approach is unique from other methods such as raking and the use of pick guns in that the technician should be fully aware of when the lock is about to turn. No luck there.

NorCals Locksmiths will also never suggest drilling a lock, unless absolutely necessary, which is extremely rare. Many amateur locksmiths will go straight for their drill gun as soon as they see that the door is indeed locked. Drilling is a very costly method of opening a door and in many cases an unnecessary on.

Our belief and commitment is that when you higher a professional to do a job they should be able to complete that job  in a professional fashion, which requires skill and training.  Anyone can stick a pick in a lock wiggle it around and hope that it opens, and anyone can pick up a drill and force their way in. That is not professional locksmithing. We believe that when you call us you want the job done right in a manner that saves you both time and money,  so that is what we deliver.

Rocklin Locksmith : Door Hardware Installation


Is your door looking a little run down do to the fact that the hardware on it has lost it’s shine or is just out of style?

Among the many residential services that a locksmith can provide is the sales and installation of door hardware.

Handlesets, as pictured here, can add a taste of class and elegance to a door. The handle portion typically works a latch  independently from the deadbolt.

When upgrading this hardware there are a few things to consider. First, what is the backset of the door. This is determined by measure the distance from the doors edge to the center of the whole located on either face of the door. The two most common backsets are 2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″. Most locks and handle sets come with adjustable latches to accommodate both backsets.

The second thing to consider is the length of the handle itself. This is determined by measuring from the center of the latch on the doors edge to the screw that goes through the face of the door on the bottom of the handle. This over all length does change from brand to brand and over time so unless you want to drill a new hole through your door make sure the new handle set is the same length as the old one.

Handle sets are only one type of hardware that locksmiths can provide some of the others include kick plates, decorative trim, peep holes, hinges and much more.

To find out more please contact your local locksmith. If you are located in the Rocklin or Roseville California are then contact your local Rocklin Residential Locksmith or call 916-632-3400

Roseville Locksmith: The Importance of Lock Lubrication

triflowWorking as a locksmith in Roseville California I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been called out to a job because a key was no longer working and all that was needed was a little lubrication in the lock cylinder.

So take it from a professional locksmith if your key has been working and then all the sudden stops, the first thing you should try, before calling anyone out to fix the problem, is putting a little lubricant in the lock.

Locks are composed of movable parts when you slide your key into the lock cylinder the blade of the key pushes up a series of either wafers or pins. As time progresses elements such a dust and corrosion (caused by hard water) can cause the movable parts to stop moving freely. When this occurs your key can stop working.

By spraying a little lubricant such a Tri-Flow or even WD-40 into the keyway of the lock cylinder you diminish the friction that is binding and preventing the pins and wafers from moving freely. If this was indeed the reason that your key stopped working,  then after applying lubricant, it should begin to work again.

I also advice that you apply the same lubricant to the latch as well as the bolt that comes out of the edge of the door; lubricating these parts can make the door both  open and close and even lock more easily.

If your key still does not work after applying lubricant then it may indeed be time to call out a professional such as California based Roseville Locksmith.

Rocklin Locksmith: Why Neighborhood Watch Programs Are So Important

nwatchWhile there are many things you can do to increase the security of home such as reinforcement plates and bump proof locks etc. one of the most effective lines of defense is your neighbors eyes.  If you don’t all ready have one in action you should seriously consider putting together a neighborhood watch program.

One of the unfortunate side effects of a slumping economy is that crime and burglaries tend to increase. But before you go out and get a mean dog or spend an exorbitant amount of money on high security locks and security systems you should first consider your neighborhood at large. Are there conducive conditions that may attract criminals? Look around are the yards well kept? Do people leave the newspapers in the driveways for an extended amount of time? It may sound funny but these are some of the cues that criminals use to identify which homes are left unattended.

CNN reports that burglars masquerade as solicitors knocking on doors checking who is home and and which houses are vulnerable. The best way to prevent such would be crooks is to have eyes and ears on the street watching for unusual activity and reporting suspicious  persons. Since burglars are opportunists the best way to prevent them is to demonstrate that the houses in your neighborhood would be difficult to rob without being noticed.

There are many resources out there explaining how to go about setting up a neighborhood watch such as

Mobilizing a Community With a Neighborhood Watch Program

Another valuable resource is your local police department, if you contact them they will usually come and talk to you and your neighbors about how to go about initiating a neighborhood watch program as wells as what kind of suspicious activity to look out for.

In the end in the unfortunate instance when the burglar gets past the neighborhood watch program it is still a good idea to have quality residential locks and door hardware. A Qualified Locksmith such as Rocklin Locksmith would be a good choice to get the job done right the first time.