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Roseville Locksmith – The Importance Of Reseting Your Garage Door Opener Before You Move In.

Reseting Garage Door Opener CodeMany people already know that before one moves into a new home it is important to have all of the locks rekeyed.  Unfortunately, one thing that is often over looked is the garage door opener. Since there is no way to know for sure how many garage door openers are out there it is a good idea to reset the garage door openers code. This is a service that NorCal Locksmiths Locksmith Roseville CA and our Locksmith Rocklin CA offers our residential customers. When we come out to rekey your locks ask us to also reset your garage door opener.

This is typically an easy procedure which usually requires little more than clearing all of the remotes out of the system and then adding them back one by one. So if the previous home owner gave you one remote but you are not sure whether or not any other remotes are out there; by  having the opener reset you can rest assured that the only clicker that will open the garage door is the one in you possession.

Don’t run the risk of coming home to an empty garage have one of our locksmiths reset your garage door today.